The Depth of the Stories


I'm editing one last time the next book in my series of novels, The Viper and the Storm. And I just came to a new depth of realization as to how the books are about the big picture context for this strange, mysterious, scary and wonderful world we live in. Sometimes I think we're living on the green skin of a very large watermelon, and going through our days craving the bright sweetness that lies just beneath the surface of our daily routines.

As I've said here before, the novels came to me as a waking dream, and I keep peeling back levels of meaning in them. Initially, it's the Egyptian Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew meet Harry Potter and Indiana Jones, with lots of Plato and Aristotle sprinkled around. But on a deeper level, it's all about the ultimate spiritual conditions of our lives and what might be available to us all if we just learn how to access it. It's about meaning and love and positive power in the world. And in a time of dystopian confusion, I hope the stories will end up providing a huge antidote and a deep encouragement we all need.