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About The Oasis Within

What wisdom can equip us best for the journey of life? A young boy and his uncle are traveling across the desert in Egypt in 1934, on their way to Cairo. During a rest at a beautiful oasis, the older man decides to begin preparing his nephew for the future. So, as the days pass, they talk about such things as inner peace, the challenge of change, the dynamic nature of balance, how things can help or harm us, the true power of the mind, the hidden structures of our world, the importance of wisdom, the elements of human nature, the necessity of love, the requirements of success, and the world’s strangest gift of all - uncertainty. The boy keeps a diary. And what he learns on this adventure may be as life changing for readers as it is for him.

Packed with insights for life and work today, you’ll find in this short tale a profusion of vivid images, profound reminders, and new perspectives that can help greatly as you grapple at the interface of desire and difficulty throughout your own journey. There is deep and simple wisdom to be gained about how to deal with the opportunities and obstacles that are everywhere in this world. You’ll find much of it here, in this brief but rich account of one remarkable trip.

We can all cultivate the oasis within, of which this book speaks, and it will provide a source of peace and power that can lead to remarkable outer results.

Recent readers of The Oasis Within, The Golden Palace, and The Stone of Giza compare the series to "The Alchemist Meets Harry Potter Meets Indiana Jones." Others note similarities to Dan Brown and even talk of "The Hardy Boys Meet Aristotle." One fan writes, "While reading the books, I felt like I was 13 years old again." Another says, "As I was reading these books, I felt just like I did when I was reading Harry Potter for the first time!"

What's Published and What's Next?

The Oasis Within is a prologue to the epic adventure series of philosophical novels entitled "Walid and the Mysteries of Phi."

The series will consist of at least seven books. See the list below for publication information. Visit The Series Page for more on each book.

The Oasis Within serves as a prologue to a seven book series. those books are now available at Amazon and elsewhere! The first six are pictured here.

The Oasis Within serves as a prologue to a seven book series. those books are now available at Amazon and elsewhere! The first six are pictured here.

Prologue: The Oasis Within - Published, Fall, 2015

Book One: The Golden Palace - Published, Spring, 2016

Book Two: The Stone of Giza - Published, Fall, 2016

Book Three: The Viper and the Storm - Published, Spring, 2017

Book Four: The King and Prince - Published, Fall, 2017

Book Five: The Mysterious Village - Published, Summer, 2018

Book Six: The Magic Ring - Published, Fall 2018 and Now Available

Book Seven: The Ancient Scroll - Forthcoming Spring 2018

International businessman Vinod Rangra reading  The Oasis Within  in the Himalayas, at over 18,000 feet. Cultivating his own oasis.

International businessman Vinod Rangra reading The Oasis Within in the Himalayas, at over 18,000 feet. Cultivating his own oasis.

"Thank you, Tom, for writing this masterpiece for us. Full of words of wisdom that we can use in life." - Vinod Rangra, as pictured above in India.

Early Praise for The Oasis Within

"The Oasis Within shows the charming and enchanting power of an exquisitely wrought story to contextualize and bring truth to life. Tom Morris, one of the leading public intellectuals and philosophers in the world today, finds a new way to weave his magic and share wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of studying the classics of literature. He illustrates with simplicity and grace the power of those timeless and transcultural truths that we all need in our lives. This artful collection of short and potent vignettes has the potential to be a classic, read with profit—and savored—by young and old alike." - David Baggett, Ph.D., Editor of Harry Potter and Philosophy, and co-author of Good God, and God and Cosmos, among other books

"Tom Morris brings a calm and grounded focus to what it is to have a truly happy and meaningful life. By combining humor and simplicity with traditional philosophical principles, this story shows us how to create our own oasis from within and inspire those around us to do the same." - David Mcwilliams, Managing Director, UBS Financial Services

"Tom Morris is one of the great storytellers of our time, and it’s delightful that he has decided to convey such important ideas in story form." - Robert Herrmann, CEO, Discovery Company

"If Plato had written his dialogues for modern readers, they might have looked like Tom Morris’ The Oasis Within. In the context of an adventure story, a young Egyptian boy, Walid, is gently prepared for his future by his uncle, Ali. Ali speaks with all the accumulated practical wisdom of Tom Morris, who has spent his highly successful professional and publishing life bringing the philosophical insights of the ages to the American public. As readers follow Walid's journey, they will learn along with him the valuable wisdom that might just change their own lives as well." - Keith Wyma, Ph.D., Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, Whitworth University, and Co-Director, Whitworth University Center for Ethics


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Next: The Golden Palace, Volume 1 of the series Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. The action starts two hours after the end of The Oasis Within.

The adventure begins. The cast grows. And mysteries are revealed.