The King and Prince: A Journey of Risk

(Book 4)

The kingdom of Egypt is threatened from two different directions. And the discovery of an ancient book in Alexandria may help Ali, Walid, Mafulla, and their friends face the greatest challenge of their lives.

The action is unexpected, and the philosophical ideas are deep. A vicious attack, a dubious new ambassador, shocking murders, and several assassins on the loose, a boat trip down the Nile, a terrible accident, a strange little book with secrets, and a major battle take their places in The King and Prince, Book Four in the adventure series Walid and the Mysteries of Phi.
The realities behind appearances, synchronicity, intuition, happiness, power and meaning, life and death, evil and redemption, and the ghostly souls of books are just a few of the philosophical ideas that arise in new ways in this book. The center of government in the kingdom of Egypt is a target for violent revolutionaries. What results with surprise you!


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