The Viper and the Storm: A Journey of Growth (Volume 3)

In this third volume of the philosophical adventure series Walid and the Mysteries of Phi, a wise character speaks to every one of us when he says to his friends, “We’re all participants in a great drama that encompasses us in space and time. We’re chosen to help move it forward, but we never have to depend on just our own abilities to do so. We’re free, but we’re also deeply supported and guided. Let that build your confidence, your faith, and your hope in the future. Great things are afoot. And we’re among the foot soldiers of destiny.” That deep perspective plays out in this story through many surprises encountered by the two boys known as The Golden Viper and Windstorm.

The short book, The Oasis Within, followed a group from a small village in west Egypt as they crossed the vast desert headed for Cairo in the summer of 1934. It served as a prologue to the epic adventure that will continually reveal deep and surprising secrets about our world. The Golden Palace and The Stone of Giza then brought us drama, mystery, and a touch of romance, as the action began. In The Viper and the Storm, the story will take us to more unexpected places. Walid Shabeezar, the Prince of Egypt, along with his friends Mafulla, Kissa, and Hasina, will face new challenges as they grow into what the future holds for them.


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Praise for The Viper and the Storm

"This book is a wildly exciting adventure, a coming-of-age tale delivered with precision by a master storyteller. Tom Morris shows how to tap into our personal greatness to discover who we are and how we each can make a difference in our world, across a wide range of ages. It’s a real page-turner that makes you slow down now and then to absorb its practical and timeless wisdom. Share the adventure. Listen to the wisdom. You will be changed."

Jay Forte, author of The Greatness Zone

"I love this book. It has a fun plot with a lot of philosophical wisdom woven in. And the story was edifying in a deeper way than just in what was said. I felt an almost palpable sense of goodness coming through it that was uplifting. It’s also helped bring me back imaginatively in touch with the true “magic” in life, a sort of providential working out of things, as often manifest in surprising synchronicities. Tom’s novels remind us that there’s much more to each of us than might appear, and that we’re all royalty, deep down."

Robin Collins, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Messiah College

"This is a wonderful sequel following the beloved characters in the series, “Walid and The Mysteries of Phi.” Readers young and old alike will delight in the epic adventure and ponder the deeper themes explored in this novel. Restorative love, forgiveness, meditation, and choosing our way in honor of the greater good are a few of the ideas that Tom Morris gracefully weaves into the tale of the Viper and the Storm."

Tasha Wahl, Executive Director, The Wahl Group

From FaceBook, by an early reader: Mark McLeod-harrison: Tom Morris, we are almost half-way through, the boys have exchanged places and we are waiting with bated breath to see what happens next!

Rating: * * * * * Review Title: Binge Book Series Reviewer: Taylor Moore, drummer, comedian

The Viper and The Storm Review:

What a page-turner! It's like reading a script from your favorite drama series on Netflix embedded with great philosophy, comedic relief and budding romance.

I have been on this journey with Walid since his preparation told in The Oasis Within. I have since read Volume 1, The Golden Palace, Volume 2, The Stone of Giza and now Volume 3, The Viper and The Storm, all part of the great series called Walid and the Mysteries of Phi.

In each volume the plot thickens more than the last. Reading in proper succession adds much suspense, in addition to learning and understanding the characters, creating a bond that leads to great expectancy as one feels they're on the journey too!

With this book series, as with any great Netflix series, you may just find yourself bingeing ... Walid and Chill.