A Game of Thrones


I guess I'm one of the few Americans between the ages of 13 and 130 not to have watched Game of Thrones on HBO. But now I'm reading the books, and nearly 700 pages into the first one, I'm really enjoying the ride. And I'm eager, once I've absorbed the books, to see the series. But I've also noticed something.

I've read a lot of fictional series in my life, from Narnia and The Lord of the Rings to The Hunger Games and Divergent. And now Game of Thrones. They've all been fun and insightful in different ways. And here's where I confess that I like my Egyptian books the most.

Ok, you're not surprised. Everybody thinks THEIR dog is the cutest, smartest, most precious. But it's more than that. One of my favorite philosophers, Robin Collins, on reading the first two books in my series, wrote me an email saying that there's a "palpable sense of goodness" that comes through the stories, and a sense of the real magic in life that's reconnected him with a wonder that had waned in his experience.

That's the same effect these books have on me. I don't really think of myself as the author, but as the transcriber. As I've explained before, they all came to me as a waking dream, a film, a vivid movie in my head. I just wrote it all down. And I continue to re read them and rediscover the first joy I had in seeing the story play out.

There is in them a game of thrones as well. Good people take power for good purposes. Bad people want power without any good purposes. We see the light and the darkness contend. But goodness comes through and does evoke, for me as well, a sense of wonder.

I hope you can read these books soon and let me know how they affect you.