A Leadership Book!


I just got an email from a neighbor passing on the comments of a friend of his in India who recently read The Oasis Within and praised it as a wisdom book, a relationship book, and a leadership book. That last category made me pause. Hmmm.

In the shower later where philosophy often takes place, I came to realize that it is indeed a leadership book. Seventy-year-old Ali is preparing thirteen-year-old Walid for leadership. I started rerunning each of the chapters in my mind, with their themes. How to keep calm, how to stay balanced, how to deal with a sudden challenge and learn from it, the way our actions create danger or delight, how we approach opportunity, the importance of wisdom and sharing it, the different types of people we live and work around, risk management, the elements of success, the gift of uncertainty and how to deal well with it ... the topics do add up to an amazing leadership primer that I didn't realize was resulting from the conversations in the book.

And here I am the author, who wrote it years ago, and returned to it to edit again and again, rereading, pondering, and imagining. And I hadn't seen this hugely important thing.

That's why I write books. And that's why we should all share our ideas with other people. They may see aspects of what we're doing that we might have missed ourselves.

So, now I have a new sales pitch: If you want a great leadership book (Who knew?) go get The Oasis Within. On Amazon. Or BN.com. Or any online bookseller. Or ask your local store. And write me and tell me what else you discover in it that I may have had NO IDEA about!