Reader Reviews for The Magic Ring


“If you’re not reading this series, you’re missing out on one of the twenty-first century’s very best examples of Philosophical Fiction!”

Khaldoun A. Sweis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Olive-Harvey College. Tutor in Philosophy, Oxford University, UK.


“Tom Morris is a brilliant writer who weaves his stories in such a way that you will change your perspectives dramatically and for the better.”

Donna Karlin, Author of Leaders, and Founder and President of A Better Perspective.


“Rare are great page-turner adventure book series that also give readers of all ages insightful wisdom accumulated over the ages. Few writers can produce such memorable masterpieces in the tradition of Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling. Through his “Walid and the Mysteries of Phi” series, Tom Morris joins these elites, establishing himself as a philosopher-king of the genre.”

Stephen D. Coggins, JD, Attorney, Rountree Losee, and International Force for Good.